T’Pau Live At The Water Rats on Vintage TV


T’Pau’s recent concert, recorded live at the Water Rats, can now be seen in its entirety on the Vintage TV web site.

Check out a great selection of hits both old and new, featuring Carol, Ron, and the rest of the current line-up, live in concert.

T’Pau Live at Water Rats

3 thoughts on “T’Pau Live At The Water Rats on Vintage TV

  1. The actual gig at the Water Rats was really good,and Carol can still hit the notes like she did in the early days. The only thing I was disappointed with is that during the gig photos were not allowed to be taken after the gig she did not come out to do any signing even though they were selling the T’pau cd’s there nor did she come to have any photos taken with her fans which many were standing about waiting for after the gig!!!! Unlike when I saw Toyah there, all the above happened, so perhaps Carol should take a leaf out of Toyah’s book!!!!

    • Russell, you should have hung around my friend because Carol came out and had lots of photo’s with people and signed everything that was wanted signing. She was wonderful, I got some lovely pics with her. It was indeed a fantastic gig and her voice was awesome.

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